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a small vessel with a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye

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(embryology) a two-walled cuplike depression that develops into the pigmented and sensory layers of the retina

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Extended eyecups, high-contrast lens coatings and a sturdy rubber-armor coating make the Steiner Champs perfect for hunters.
Made in black with fold-down rubber eyecups, they are a super-value accessory to give you a clearer view at only pounds 9.
Additional plus points include the easy-roll focus control and the specs-friendly fold-down eyecups.
9 mm, and turn-and-slide rubber eyecups -- allowing the binoculars to be used as comfortably and effectively by eyeglass wearers as those with uncorrected vision.
Twist-up eyecups, lens covers, and a rain cover are standard on the Outfitter Series.
The turn-up, click-stop eyecups work with or without eyeglasses.
Multiclick turn-and-slide rubber eyecups make it easy to find the correct eye positioning to see the full field-of-view.
Three models are available, the MB 8x42, MB 10x42 and MB 12x42, which feature Brightview technology, fully multicoated optics, wide-angle eyepiece, lightweight rubber armor housing, twist-out eyecups and large center focus knob.
Twist-up eyecups can be adjusted for hunters who wear glasses.
Moreover, the anti-fog, shatter-resistant lenses ensure total visual protection, as do the foam-sealed eyecups, which keep wind, water, and tiny flying debris at bay.
The Trooper standard binoculars are affordably priced and offer a wide field of view for tracking moving subjects with foldable rubber eyecups and long eye relief for eyeglass wearers.
Other noteworthy features include twist-up eyecups with multi-stop function (making the binoculars the most accommodating in their class for eyeglass/sunglass wearers), an extra-short close focusing distance of 4.
Tire optics are multicoated, the eyecups fold down, and it is completely weatherproof.
The twist-up eyecups are compatible with or without eyeglasses.
Other key features common to all models include actual 6X magnification (5X for FullDraw), fast-focus eyepiece with precision clicks and folddown rubber eyecups that can accommodate users with or without eyeglasses.