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Synonyms for eyecup

a small vessel with a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye

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(embryology) a two-walled cuplike depression that develops into the pigmented and sensory layers of the retina

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The stimulation of the eyecup was started with low intensity and then gradually amplified by 0.
A batch of eyecup adapter rings got in the supply system without threads'.
Individual ERG responses recorded from one skate eyecup preparation in response to stimulation at an intensity of Log I = -3.
The eyecup viewfinder is also full color, unlike other camcorders whose viewfinders only display black and white.
An eyecup is the best method for applying this solution.
The forward-mounted focus knob allows both coarse and fine focusing adjustment, and the eyecup can be adjusted to accommodate eyeglasses.
When I folded an eyecup up to block stray light, it would often pop off and I'd lose it in the grass on a dark observing field.
The rubber coating on the eyecup is comfortable, but the deep dish sacrifices 2mm of usable eye relief.
The interchangeable eyecup system allows you to choose between normal or flared to make it more comfortable and reduce the glare.
I have been told by users that they don't use the eyecup because it is uncomfortable of doesn't fit right.
The eyecup also can be popped out, turning the frames into "regular" sunglasses.
Here we have developed a new variation of the turtle eyecup preparation, which permits us to examine metabolic parameters, including oxygen consumption and changes in extracellular hydrogen ion concentration, while simultaneously assessing the physiological state of retinal function from the electroretinogram.
Each eyepiece has a fold down eyecup that provides comfort when viewing.