eyebrow pencil

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makeup provided by a cosmetic pencil that is used to darken the eyebrows

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Developed with leading plastic Brow Power[R] is a universal, transforming, long-wear eyebrow pencil infused with cutting-edge brow-enhancing ingredients.
Yokomichi advised them, ''When you get old, your eyebrows become thin (but) when you draw your eyebrows firmly in eyebrow pencil your eyes give a strong impression and get a vivid feel.
Brownlee, too, keeps it simple, with eyebrow pencil and a dab of brown lipstick.
Get it all in one from Rimmel, whose Professional Eyebrow Pencil is a bargain at PS2.
I'm quite fair and even with a blonde eyebrow pencil they still looked fake.
Eyes: Automatic eye enhancement, enlarge eyes, eye tint, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and eye shadow, red-eye remover.
Beach Babe Ditch the dark eyebrow pencil and forget the Scouse brow - eyebrows have gone pale and interesting for AW12.
Teesside Trivia DURING World War II nylons hadn't been invented and the girls couldn't afford silk stockings for the Saturday night dances in Stockton, so they coloured their legs with leg make-up and pencilled a seam down the back of the leg with an eyebrow pencil.
If that doesn't work, colour in the scratch with an eyebrow pencil of a similar colour.
An eyebrow pencil can make all the difference between bare and 'wow'.
For Joy's eyes she applied eyeshadow, false lash mascara and eyebrow pencil.