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Synonyms for eyeball

the ball-shaped capsule containing the vertebrate eye


look at


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References in classic literature ?
I will sing you the praise of the bottle-tailed Rikki, with eyeballs of red
After a little he sang in an unknown tongue, his big chin down on the fiddle-tail, his white eyeballs glaring in the lamplight.
He has looked upon Man, and his eyeballs are clear(There was One; there is One, and but One, saith Kabir); The Red Mist of Doing has thinned to a cloud-- He has taken the Path for bairagi avowed!
It glided towards the window and with a click and a scrape let in the full flood of light which smote my aching eyeballs painfully.
Rolling eyeballs and grinding teeth are, however, sufficient signs of anger to be decipherable in the dark.
But at this open appeal to his rival there glowed in his opal eyeballs all the sensitive insolence of the slave; he knotted his enormous brown fists for an instant, and then, dashing open the door, disappeared into his own apartments beyond.
It chilled the eyeballs of the twain, made their brows ache, penetrated to their skeletons, affecting the surface of the body less than its core.
He did not move from his place, or raise his head from his hands; his hidden eyeballs went on staring into utter darkness.
Then, while all four stumbled about, roaring with the smart of the meal in their eyeballs, and while they rubbed their eyes till the tears made great channels on their faces through the meal, the Miller seized another handful of flour and another and another, throwing it in their faces, so that even had they had a glimmering of light before they were now as blind as ever a beggar in Nottinghamshire, while their hair and beards and clothes were as white as snow.
She pressed her eyeballs until they struck stars and suns into her darkness.
Yet a moment later he closed his eyes, and pressed his hands tightly over his hot eyeballs.
First came a fluttering of the eyeballs, so that she was compelled to close her eyes for relief.
You could see from afar the white of their eyeballs glisten- ing.
And it seemed to me that his eyes were strange, not only the expression, but the physical seeming, as though the optic nerves and supporting muscles had suffered strain and slightly twisted the eyeballs.
and Miss Clapp, coming perhaps to listen at the parlour door, found Loll Jewab shaking upon the hall- bench under the coats, moaning in a strange piteous way, and showing his yellow eyeballs and white teeth.