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Synonyms for eyeball

the ball-shaped capsule containing the vertebrate eye


look at


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A Major succe ss must be the aim and a man who can come out on top in an intense eyeball-to-eyeball contest with Sergio Garcia in Spain should be forgiven for thinking big.
Instead, he said it all out loud, eyeball-to-eyeball with the Press and face-to-face with the rest of the country.
At the professional level of the game you may think this battle to express strength and masculinity would be far less pronounced, but their egos can be just as fragile as the rest of us, and eyeball-to-eyeball matchplay is as much about mental combat between the players as it is technique.
One or two players still want an eyeball-to-eyeball talk with me to sort out some things and they'll get it.
JULIUS Francis claimed victory in the eyeball-to-eyeball showdown with Mike Tyson last night and declared: "I am not going to be intimidated - I am going to win.
An eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with this tough-as-teek Texan when he is in the groove is a frightening prospect.
Today's opponents Middlesbrough, who have seemingly packed their summer suitcases already, will relish this match as much as a Death Valley desert hiker facing a late-night eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with a rattlesnake.
Their longest eyeball-to-eyeball encounter has lasted a full 10 seconds.
THE amiable Mexican could not keep apace with Tiger Woods as the pair went eyeball-to-eyeball down the stretch at the Buick Open on Sunday night, but there is a lot to like about Toledo.
Chris Eubank has stood eyeball-to-eyeball with horror these past few years.
Then their eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation threatened to turn nasty - until they stepped back from the brink of physical confrontation.
Glued to the inner, as he always is, Williamson put Wahiba Sands to sleep at the rear of the field and let others go eyeball-to-eyeball in the early exchanges.
Erland Johnsen turned this match with three minutes and three seconds to go after a decision that sparked an ugly eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation between a dozen players
Finally, the rivals came eyeball-to-eyeball at the Nynex Arena and exchanged insults.
Has a fiery temperament, and his eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with Garin Jenkins could lead to the best firework display you will see this autumn.