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amazingly impressive

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9/11 Press for Truth is a well-crafted expose that will be an eye-popper to many Americans who still believe that the 9/11 Commission Report issued in 2004 represents the culmination of an exhaustive, good-faith effort by federal authorities to get to the bottom of what went wrong and how it was that this devastating attack so easily overcame our nation's defenses.
It's an eye-popper and show-stopper--just what advertising should do.
If any old bird could afford to grow an eye-popper of a tail, then abundant cheating would destroy the value of the signal.
Developers are under pressure to have their games ready when the next generation PlayStation ships, and that first game has to be a real eye-popper, one that takes advantage of the platform's powerful new capabilities to provide a more engaging, complex experience," said David Pritchard, President and CEO at The Motion Factory.
And so, the December announcement of Simmons' appointment was an eye-popper.
Prior to this year, the July sales pace would have been a real eye-popper," he said.
With its management now passed to Leisureworks - Derwentside's trust for sport and the arts - digital 3D has been added, the ability to screen the latest eye-popper blockbusters now a draw for young audiences.
OH, THE HORROR: The scream queens in the low-budget eye-popper ``Black Christmas'' weren't surprised to see Tara Reid and ``Entourage's'' Rex Lee at Tuesday's premiere at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.