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Synonyms for eyelid

either of two folds of skin that can be moved to cover or open the eye

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So I'm not going to bat an eye-lid now - as the guy has been brilliant for Scotland.
Sheridan was caught in the face by a stray stud from Lee Mears' boot as a scrum collapsed and he left the field after 65 minutes requiring stitches inside and outside of his eye-lid.
The popular American suffered a deep wound between his left eye-lid and eyebrow after crashing during Thursday's match against King's Lynn.
I've only been riding the Metro system for an hour and I have already experienced a small delay, several drunks and three groups of intimidating youngsters, yet no one batted an eye-lid.
While some may find the craft of his work too laborious asking why take months to trace a slide projection of the blood vessels of your eye-lid when the projected image is impressive enough?
Cheryl started with a neutral beige base shade on the entire eye-lid, gradually adding darker colours towards the outside of the eye-socket.
The stick had pierced his eye-lid, smashed a cheek bone, and forced itself underneath his eye-ball before touching his brain.
The quality of his displays are now so common that his team-mates do not even bother to bat an eye-lid when he embarrasses seasoned pros like the former Leicester hard-man.
They could out-drink many of us without batting an eye-lid," he enthused.
The only injury of note was to Gareth Thomas, who was able to return to the field after doctors treated a laceration to his lower eye-lid.
Liposuction on his stomach # Blepharoplasty (upper/lower eye-lid surgery) # Liposuction on back and pecs pounds 2500pounds 3200 pounds 3200 pounds 4000# Teeth bleached & eight new crowns # Botox and Restylane (twice a year) pounds 1000 # TOTALpounds 13,900
Those brave fashion frontiers people will already know, the red eye-shadow, looks great if you want that hayfever/streaming cold effect and perhaps here on the eye-lid is where grey is at its spiritual home.
Now, smudge the shimmering grey shade along the top lash-line, starting from the centre of the eye-lid, blending up and outwards to the outer corner of the eye and underneath the lower lashes, all around the eye.
The images are analysed by a computer that looks at eye-lid movement.
There I was sitting in a pub, completely soaking and in my wetsuit, but no-one batted an eye-lid.