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Synonyms for eye-drop

a drop from an eye dropper


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a method of irrigating the eye used by ophthalmologists

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This delivery system is transformational and has the potential to replace frequent and inefficient eye-drop administration for chronic ocular disorders," says Shikha Barman, Ph.
The clinical trial program is being conducted by Storz, the ophthalmology product subsidiary of American Home Products Corporation, to whom Gilead licensed worldwide marketing rights for the eye-drop formulation of cidofovir in August 1994.
Gilead retains worldwide rights to all formulations of cidofovir other than the topical ophthalmic eye-drop version licensed to Storz.
It's the only device able to deliver one single eye-drop on the exact center of the eye without the need to bend over-a big help to those with arthritis, bad back/neck, vertigo.
The quest for easier ways to put in eye-drops lead to easier ways to put in contacts.
OcuHist will complement the company's Visine line, the leading brand of OTC eye-drop products.