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Stating that the liability to pay relief in a case of botched up eye surgery at a government hospital lies with the State Government and not the drug manufacturer, it recommended that the State Government should pay Rs one lakh each to six out of 13 victims, whose eye sight could not be recovered even after further treatment.
Last year, almost 1,000 practitioners received laser eye surgery free of charge with Optical Express through the previous offer.
EYE UP THE PROCEDURE Not available on the National Health Service, the numerous private companies that offer laser eye surgery charge anything from pounds 395 to around pounds 2,500 per eye.
Laser eye surgery works best between the ages of 23 and 38 years, although it can be done in older people too.
The facts about eye surgery were misrepresented, and I filed a motion to increase bail based on the misrepresentation.
They are meant to help severely nearsighted people whose vision is so poor that laser eye surgery wouldn't work well.
There is some dispute over the possible risks involved in Lasik, the most widely-used form of laser eye surgery.
You may be a candidate for refractive eye surgery being offered at the Jones Eye Institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock.
LASER eye surgery should not be used routinely in the NHS due to concerns over its long-term safety, according to a treatment watchdog.
The body, which gives guidance on treatment in the NHS in England and Wales, ruled that the current evidence did not support the use of laser eye surgery within the NHS without special arrangements for patients to give consent or without further research.
The most common in today's medical environment is laser eye surgery, commonly called Lasik.
And launching a special Commons debate on the subject, Mr Kumar admitted being shocked to discover how current controls on eye surgery were far less stringent than for cosmetic surgery.
AN MP has called for tighter regulations for laser eye surgery after discovering that some patients are being treated by inadequately qualified doctors.
uk - A hospital has secured almost pounds 750,000 for a dedicated centre to cut waiting lists for eye surgery.
NEGLIGENCE claims involving laser eye surgery have more than doubled among Medical Defence Union members in the last six years, it was announced last night.