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the bony cavity in the skull containing the eyeball

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In a medical first, surgeons repaired Stephen Power's cheekbone and eye socket using the cutting-edge technology to plan and execute an eight-hour operation.
In a similar fashion, the surgeons then rebuilt Bowen's lower eye sockets, the bridge of the nose and premaxillary bone, which is part of the jaw, by attaching the titanium mask.
He'll make one full wrap around the back end of the eye sockets (behind the weight), add another wrap around the front of the eye sockets (ahead of the weight and around the leader's standing end) and then finish with about six wraps around the base of the jaws (behind the swivel) to secure the rig.
We found that as light levels decrease, humans are getting bigger eye sockets, which suggests that their eyeballs are getting bigger.
The researchers plotted the volume of the eye sockets and brain cavities against the latitude of the central point of each individual's country.
Like yours, each of Goodman's eyeballs is nestled into a hollow area in her skull called an eye socket.
Bone grafts were then used to fill in the gaps around the eye sockets.
Close your eyes and feel the bony rims of the eye sockets.
Bush's hollow eye sockets protrude with oil wells penetrating permafrost in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge's "Coastal Plain," America's "Serengeti.
Mr Brownson suffered serious facial injuries - two broken cheek bones, fractures to eye sockets and a fractured jaw.
The victim suffered broken eye sockets, broken cheek bones, a broken palate and broken nose.
Graves' disease, which is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism, can also lead to severe swelling around the eye sockets, producing the classic eye protrusion associated with some of the most advanced cases.
After the bear was tranquilized, wardens found that its eyes were crusted over, a symptom of a parasitic worm that infects mature bears' eye sockets and leads to blindness, Martarano said.
But having such huge eyes has one drawback: Owls can't "roll" their eyes from side to side in their eye sockets like humans can.
The fossil's forward-looking eye sockets are also revealing: They're much smaller relative to skull length than those of any other omomyid specimen.