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the bony cavity in the skull containing the eyeball

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As a result of this assault, Sgt Dowler sustained swelling to the left cheek, fracture to the left eye socket, a fractured nose and a coil abrasion to the left eye.
The graduate was taken to Royal Liverpool Hospital where X-rays confirmed she had a fractured eye socket.
That included a kick to the face which must have caused the fracture to the eye socket.
He was left with a fractured eye socket in the attack on the lower deck of the bus at around 7pm on May 28.
Last week Friends of the Animals raised PS500 to fund an MRI scan for Jack, who is suffering from broken bones in his eye socket after he was shot.
Dramatic footage showed the moment a male suspect walks up behind the unsuspecting victim and delivers a right hook to the side of the man's head, leaving him with a broken jaw and eye socket.
He suffered a fractured cheek bone and eye socket following being ejected from the bar.
The victim later went to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, where it was con-firmed that he'd suffered a fracture to his eye socket.
Mr Power, from Cardiff, broke both arms, both cheeks, both eye sockets and his jaw in a biking accident in September 2012.
The tooth and lens are then implanted under the eye socket.
Liverpool's Belgium keeper insists he has been left with no scars - physical or mental - after smashing his nose and eye socket in a horror collision with Emile Heskey in 2011.
Summary: A two-year-old has escaped a potentially fatal injury after a pencil pierced her eye socket and nearly punctured a major blood vessel.
ST MIRREN defender Marc McAusland is facing a lengthy spell on the sidelines after suffering a suspected fractured eye socket in Saturday's draw with Aberdeen.
He also suffered a broken forearm, cheekbone, eye socket and nose.
Black eyes" are usually the result of trauma, and if it is bad enough to bruise the tissue around the eye, the eye socket and/or inner structures, the eye could cause pain and even blindness.