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Her eye operation is successful but she has to take rest for operation on another eye on April 16,"U Win Htein said.
A DRUG dealer earning PS250 a week by supplying cocaine claimed he was trying to raise the cash to pay for an eye operation.
Greece's new Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will not be well enough to travel to a critical European Union summit in Brussels after undergoing an eye operation, the government has said.
Announcing a conference on eye surgeries scheduled for Monday in the Capital, Dr Bobby Qureshi, an ophthalmologist from Scotland's St Andrews University, said he will introduce a new technology for cataract surgery that is the safest blade-free eye operation, giving freedom from glasses.
With just pounds 5, you could pay for a simple pain-relieving trachoma eye operation, pounds 17 can buy a cataract operation to enable someone to see again.
A normal eye operation costs $45 in the impoverished country, a price much too high for Afghans, the WHO says
Jackie, 46, went for a laser eye operation so she could bin her specs when taking part in challenging sports.
A patient was having an eye operation under general anaesthesia.
Meanwhile Stuart has his eye operation and Paul admits his love to Lil.
The three judges agree to defer substantive hearings while one of the lawyers recovered from an eye operation.
I remember that when I had an eye operation and came to work wearing bandages, he treated it as a fashion statement and said, "I would have thought you'd choose to wear a black eye patch, like the Arrow Shirt man.
In 1884, after having experimented on animals, Koller performed an eye operation on a patient--the first using local anesthesia.
Individuals as old as 92 were examined and none were found to be too old to benefit from the most common eye operation performed in the U.
In many cases, patients threatened by blindness due to eye disease can be cured by an eye operation, but the success of the procedure depends on the ability of the eye surgeon to operate with precision using pin-thin instruments inside the eye.
Electrification to the Old Eye Operation Theatre by way of Replacement of Dilapidated Electrical Wiring, supplying and installation of AC in Govt.