eye opener

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Synonyms for eye opener

something disclosed, especially something not previously known or realized

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an alcoholic drink intended to wake one up early in the morning

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something surprising and revealing

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Karen Sparrow, head of professional development at the AOP and organiser of the event, said: "I can't believe how the Eye Opener conference gets better every year.
As Martin demonstrates, one cannot really call the Eye Opener a newspaper; rather it was filled with news and fiction all shaped to Edwards' personal viewpoint.
Focusing on the breath, or noticing when they're not breathing is an eye opener for many.
It's just been a great experience, an eye opener as far as this part of the City is concerned," Farrell says of the organization.
YOUR report last week about the pimps, pickpockets and other criminals at London's Kings Cross station was an eye opener.
It's an eye opener as we contemplate our place as stewards of the earth and an important reason to plant trees to help slow climate change.
This book will be an eye opener for those who think the Cold War was a mere sitzkreig as Warsaw Pact and NATO armies eyeballed each other across the Iron Curtain.
It was an eye opener to the family members because you get out and see what the north has to offer.
But by far the biggest winner was Hungry Eyes by Eye Opener which made it to No.
The top ten from Liverpool HMV this week is: 1 Vertigo U2 2 Lose My Breath Destiny's Child 3 Curtain Falls Blue 4 Just Lose It Eminem 5 Hungry Eyes Eye Opener 6 Out Of The Blue Delta Goodrem 7 At The Weekend Michael Gray 8 Wonderful Ja Rule 9 Everlasting Love Jamie Cullum 10 My Perogative Britney Spears Win a chart album of your choice by telling me the name of U2's lead singer.