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a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes

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Shaimaa then understood because her eye mask had the words 'Wake me up for coffee' written on it.
Acting as a "personal eyelid massager and a warming eye mask," patients are directed to warm the eye mask in warm water, place on closed eyelids for a few minutes, then massage the eyelids using the Eyepeace for five to 10 squeezes on each closed eye.
A new Economy Class kit, comprising earplugs, an Air Seychelles branded eye mask, dental kit and socks, has also been introduced and is presented in a soft red drawstring bag that can be reused for storing sunglasses.
Eliminate light with blackout curtains on your windows or invest in an eye mask.
Their faces are also dressedas a skull wearing an eye mask, or with half an alien mask over a biker jacket.
The Australian model added that she avoids alcohol and tries to get lots of sleep - a silk eye mask and cashmere wrap are travel essentials, as are her Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist and Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm.
Well, if she wakes up next to you while you're still wearing this eye mask she'll realise that, actually, she's got a lot to be thankful for.
01 Betty Boop hot water bottle and eye mask, Argos, was pounds 19.
Avoid the synthetics and snuggle with your partner under a 100% bamboo blanket and eye mask ($39.
The openness of an eye diagram can be verified by performing an eye mask test.
Once you've found your perfect pair of pyjamas or playful cami set, then why not accessorise with a matching eye mask or slippers?
The kit also contains a red eye mask, ID badges and a few bandages for those "special" viewers who try the stunts at home.
A night light provides soft lighting and helps guests navigate an unfamiliar room during the night, and a sleep kit complete with ear plugs, an eye mask and aromatherapy lavender spray is also available for guests.
A product grouping Lady Elizabeth dubs "pamper me" features such items as a gel eye mask, terry cloth bath pillows and lotion applicators.