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pipet consisting of a small tube with a vacuum bulb at one end for drawing liquid in and releasing it a drop at a time


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She fed that milk to me in an eye dropper, drop by drop.
A vet pronounced them dead after they were fished out of the water, but staff at Limerick Animal Welfare coaxed life back into four of them then fed them milk using an eye dropper.
An eye dropper is used, and the inner sides of the blotting paper which surrounds the pegboard is wet out, as well as the hair itself (2ml to the paper and 2ml to the hair).
She uses an eye dropper to feed him goat's milk every two hours.
You need: 2 red cabbage leaves, warm water, a zip-top plastic bag, an eye dropper, a measuring cup, teaspoons, a cup, a clean white styrofoam egg carton (or white cups), "mystery chemicals" your teacher will give you
Also bag the paper or eye dropper and dispose of it according to local environmental or health department guidelines.
The diluted form of this, or any other, knock-out drug can be carried in eye dropper bottles or small plastic squeeze containers.
For example, it has a detection range of 10 parts per trillion (the equivalent of one eye dropper in 100 Olympic swimming pools) and gives highly accurate results in less than 15 minutes.
The proprietary packaging for MI-100 is a single bottle closed container mixing system that allows for a ready-to-use multi-dose eye dropper for easy administration.
Feed them all the milk they will take from an eye dropper.
NEWHALL - Taking care of a new baby is a lot of work, especially when the little one is just four inches long, weighs a few ounces and has to be fed with a eye dropper or syringe.
Habanero 750" (meaning 750,000 Scovilles) is so potent it has an eye dropper for its lid.
Visioneer's Scan Manager Pro includes multi-level zoom, activated by rolling the mouse wheel, an eye dropper for selecting blackpoint, midpoint and whitepoint, response curve editing with dynamic histogram, hue and saturation adjustment and output scaling from 20% to 500%.
They suggest the oil be delivered in a eye dropper that can be obtained from any pharmacy.