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pipet consisting of a small tube with a vacuum bulb at one end for drawing liquid in and releasing it a drop at a time


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The Phase II, masked, non-randomized, cross-over study evaluated 12 subjects who underwent pupil dilation with topical phenylephrine administered by a 32-[micro sign]L eye dropper (at one of two concentrations: 2.
Nan calmly fetched the bottle of whiskey and the eye dropper and placed one drop of that appalling stuff on my tongue.
I tried using the eye dropper I have but it gave more of a squirt than a drop so eventually I just guessed the amounts.
Using an eye dropper, the scientists added some of this syrupy black stuff to the petri dish.
He's still suckling," she said and set to with milk and an eye dropper.
Make sure that the jar has a tight fitting lid; eye dropper lids are inappropriate as they air will seep into the oil through the permeable rubber.
With many keyers, you use an eye dropper to sample the blue or green background.
Above, Alex feeds the bird with a large eye dropper.
All dams received lead via drinking water (600 [micro]g/mL lead as lead acetate) during PND1-18, followed by daily oral administration of an equivalent lead dose to the dams via eye dropper until weaning on PND21.
Preston did not know how to nurse, so that night I fed him with an eye dropper.
A vet pronounced them dead after they were fished out of the water, but staff at Limerick Animal Welfare coaxed life back into four of them then fed them milk using an eye dropper.
An eye dropper is used, and the inner sides of the blotting paper which surrounds the pegboard is wet out, as well as the hair itself (2ml to the paper and 2ml to the hair).
Materials: Several slices of white bread, orange sections, strawberries, jack or cheddar cheese, cantaloupe pieces, 10 small glass jars, penicillium, an eye dropper.
She uses an eye dropper to feed him goat's milk every two hours.
You need: 2 red cabbage leaves, warm water, a zip-top plastic bag, an eye dropper, a measuring cup, teaspoons, a cup, a clean white styrofoam egg carton (or white cups), "mystery chemicals" your teacher will give you