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the use of misspellings to identify a colloquial or uneducated speaker

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11) Holton suggests that the employment of eye dialect also signals an author's "patronizing" attitude toward a character; to go further, the use of eye dialect to represent Black English could be construed, in certain circumstances, as racist.
Morrison spells out her reasoning in Playing in the Dark for avoiding this technique of eye dialect, discussing "how the dialogue of black characters is construed as an alien, estranging dialect made deliberately unintelligible by spellings contrived to defamiliarize it" (Playing, p.
127); in other words, she condemns the condescension of eye dialect.
The first section of the book, easily the most coherent, charts the development of progressively refined poetic uses of oral forms - from the eye dialect of Paul L.
Leigh and with little or no intellectual, aesthetic, and ethical distance between himself and the implied author of Erasure, writes MyPafology, an outrageously scurrilous parody in eye dialects, and its authenticity and authority are acclaimed by white editors and critics as well as a popular black TV talk-show hostess as a commercial and critical prize-winning success.