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the use of misspellings to identify a colloquial or uneducated speaker

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Essentially, Johnson argues against the imprecise and condescending markers of eye dialect, and for "a form that is freer and larger than dialect, .
Morrison spells out her reasoning in Playing in the Dark for avoiding this technique of eye dialect, discussing "how the dialogue of black characters is construed as an alien, estranging dialect made deliberately unintelligible by spellings contrived to defamiliarize it" (Playing, p.
127); in other words, she condemns the condescension of eye dialect.
Morrison resists employing the reductive technique of eye dialect, instead choosing to represent her black characters as speakers of a language identifiably their own but also identifiably intelligent, deriving its power not front its playing against standard English, not "playing in the dark," but from its playing on its own ground within the common ground of shared language.