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the condition of the optical properties of the eye

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Given that 19 per cent of the adult population suffers from diabetes in the UAE, Dr Scott said he expected to see many diabetes-related eye conditions at the Abu Dhabi centre.
The youngster from Kinmel Bay suffers from achromatopsia - a rare eye condition which means she can't see in colour and is blinded by the sun.
The Royal National Institute of Blind People claimed those living with inflammatory eye condition uveitis will have to go to Scotland to save their sight after the NHS down south refused to fund access to treatments.
NHS England has decided not to recommend routine use of drugs Humira and Remicade for patients with the severe eye condition.
Some pets are susceptible to chronic eye conditions due to other health concerns and require additional home care and protection to prevent eye damage and blindness.
The staff there work so hard and I think it's so important eye conditions are picked up as early as they can be and treated as well as they can be.
A charity boxing match takes place in Matilda's name at Rialto Reborn in Coventry on Saturday, November 8, to raise money for Fight for Sight, a charity which funds pioneering research into eye conditions.
But Morgan's solicitor told Kirklees magistrates that his client had an eye condition that made his eyes look watery.
People who have a family history of the eye condition
The eye condition the researchers were looking at was retinopathy, which is common in patients with Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.
A CHARITY is offering sufferers of an eye condition the chance to learn skills that will help maintain their independence.
Whether you're dealing with a severe eye condition or just looking for designer frames, Wells Vision and Laser Eye Center is positioned and motivated to surpass your expectations.
The news will offer fresh hope for people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a genetic eye condition that leads to incurable blindness.
BOB Arbuckle, of Lanchester, County Durham, suffers from an incurable rare eye condition and lost most of his sight two years ago.
He explained: "I used to sit in the pub at 17, getting upset as I listened to my friends talking about passing their driving test and getting a car, knowing that the degenerative eye condition I had developed as a child meant I would never be able to drive.