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The eye blink reflex, vibrissae movement, and orientation of the vibrissae relative to the rostrocaudal axis of the animal were measured.
Changes in eye blink frequency as a measure of trigeminal stimulation by exposure to limonene oxidation products, isoprene oxidation products and nitrate radicals, lot Arch Occup Environ Health 77:235-243.
God has revealed to us that there is a heaven, and, yes, it's only an eye blink until we are together again with those we love.
The betting here is that 99 percent would make the swap in an eye blink.
5-second intervals and measured the startle eye blink responses in the participants.
There isn't an eye blink that isn't telegraphed miles in advance: You know Cher's new lover will do her wrong from the first close-up of his smarmy puss, and they bang the kettle drums moments before the Fascisti bust up everyone's party.
Complete three fun rounds to the game: Eye Trivia, Eye Blink and Eye Chart:
This switch in climate unfolded in a geological eye blink.
For a child with severe cerebral palsy who is also nonverbal, this may be an eye blink or a nod of the head.
Theoretically, full-fledged versions of those quantum machines will someday master in an eye blink mathematical puzzles and secret codes that current supercomputers wouldn't crack with a billion years of number crunching.
The snakes can flip their jaws several times a second, pulling meals down the hatch in an eye blink.
Dressed in his signature rust-colored three-piece suit and a striped tie, Ferrell read stories off the teleprompter, punctuated them with exaggerated eye blinks and engaged in witty banter with the Bismarck news team.
In response to ancient danger sounds, infants experienced a bigger drop in heart rate, larger eye blinks as measured by electrodes and increased turning toward the speakers or parent, all indicating that they were paying more attention.
Former Scottish Derby champion Nambisco showed significant improvement to our hand-timed clocking point - the old 480m winning line along the back straight - when accelerating clear in several eye blinks in the secondlast heat, halting the watch at a rapid14.
Duncan's eye blinks are run by a computer program, and he poops from a preloaded cylinder controlled by the operator.