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An eye blink associates with a great activity from the human eyes but does not include information about the movements of the observed objects.
The eye blink reflex, vibrissae movement, and orientation of the vibrissae relative to the rostrocaudal axis of the animal were measured.
An overarching question is whether eye blink rates provide an early warning of a health effect.
Not necessarily, because the eye blink may have been caused by memory encoding or by something as completely irrelevant to memory encoding as an eye irritant.
The present worldwide decline has occurred almost entirely in the past 20 years, an eye blink in evolutionary history.
As I write this, it seems like no more than an eye blink since SkyWatch '97, our first astronomy annual, rolled off the press.
God has revealed to us that there is a heaven, and, yes, it's only an eye blink until we are together again with those we love.
One movement of your finger or eyebrow or an eye blink allows you to make a choice as the computer scans through an array of items.
The betting here is that 99 percent would make the swap in an eye blink.
There isn't an eye blink that isn't telegraphed miles in advance: You know Cher's new lover will do her wrong from the first close-up of his smarmy puss, and they bang the kettle drums moments before the Fascisti bust up everyone's party.
The ad ends as, for a moment, the girl's eye blink and the message flashes up saying: "Nurses make a difference.
This switch in climate unfolded in a geological eye blink.
Theoretically, full-fledged versions of those quantum machines will someday master in an eye blink mathematical puzzles and secret codes that current supercomputers wouldn't crack with a billion years of number crunching.
The snakes can flip their jaws several times a second, pulling meals down the hatch in an eye blink.