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cast-off skins or coverings of various organisms during ecdysis

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For the greenhouse experiments, data on the number of eggs, mites and exuviae per leaf, amount of silicon, amounts of amino acids, proteins, phenolic compounds, hydrogen peroxide and catalase activity were analyzed.
The dragonfly delusion: why it is essential to sample exuviae to avoid biased surveys.
The exuviae of all four species of Urothemistinae known from the Arabian Peninsula (Macrodiplax cora, Selysiothemis nigra, Urothemis edwardsii and U.
tanajoa was followed to adulthood, with daily observations of the larval, protochrysalis, protonymph, deutochrysalis, deutonymph, teleiochrysalis, and adult stages to verify the succession to the next stage, as characterized by the presence of exuviae.
c) Holotype male, 1 paratype female, 4 females, 3 whole larvae, and 3 larval exuviae, deposited in the Smithsonian/National Museum of Natural History museum collection.
frugiperda caterpillars, as many of them showed their exuviae in the terminal part of the body, without being able to release them completely, and this was observed in both neem based treatments.
We went into the wadi and took lots of photographs and collected lots of exuviae, which is the husk, the larvae case of the dragonfly, and I collected this funny exuvia.
Llama la atencion que Lope, que sin ambages copia a Garcilaso, lo evitara repetidamente en los ladillos y acudiera en exclusiva al libro IV de la Eneida: "Dulces exuviae fata Deusque finebat.
Nine adults and 40 exuviae were found between 25 November 2013 and 23 January 2014.
MLP 5278/1); 1 larval cephalic capsule and pupal exuviae associated, 1 pupal exuviae, drift net, Donato M.
pollen and old wax comb (containing cast exuviae of immature bee stages) with added pollen, it was shorter.
One male adult, reared from larva, with associated exuviae (one sub-imago, three larval sets), USA, Wyoming, Sweetwater County, Black's Fork River at I80, west of Green River City, 6-VII-1968, R&D Koss, deposited in the Purdue University Entomological Research Collection, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.
After his exile from Calydon, Tydeus arrives at Argos dressed portentously with the hide of the boar, Tydea per latos umeros ambire laborant/ exuviae, Calydonis honos ('the spoil, the Calydonian reward, struggles to enclose Tydeus along his broad shoulders').