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a residential area outside of a city and beyond suburbia

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Near exurbia roads, the overall noise is not stable and time-history comprises individual vehicle passing by events as shown in Fig.
According to the report, the biggest demographic shift has been the dramatic slowing in the growth of exurbia.
Such a movement must not, however, simply constitute a reverse flight to exurbia by the already privileged, all urban and suburban consumer values in tact, but must instead become a genuine return to the land, to ecosystems, and to ecological interrelatedness and interdependence.
Of all the dismaying facts the Democrats have had to face since November, the toughest for me is the trend in blue-state exurbia.
Guy Robinson (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1991), 302-29: Arthur Nelson, "Toward a Definition of Exurbia," Journal of Planning Literature, 6(1991), 350-68: Judy Davis et al.
The report predicts that sprawl - outmigration from central cities to suburbia, and from older suburbia to exurbia - will persist, but at a slower pace than during the 70's and 80's, as Generation Xers (currently age 34-45) and the Net Generation (19-43) increasingly opt for more convenient lifestyles.
It's an exurbia, it's way out at the end of the world.
The new technological implements connected cities, suburbs, edge cities, exurbia, satellite cities, farm-to-market towns, and crossroads hamlets.
After World War II, the interstate highway program, improved commuter rail service, and improved airport facilities and service were the basis for a gradual movement outward, first to the outer city, then to the suburbs and exurbia, or to smaller cities.
Individual consumers changed habits and lifestyles as well, abandoning exurbia and in some cases suburbia, for example.
His proposals are aimed mostly at a working poor, but he also wishes to expand exurbia into the "wide open spaces" of the country through government subsidies.
In short, suburbia and exurbia provided the geographic difference.
suburb, with the Sprawl People of exurbia duking it out for don-finance with the crunchies, immigrants, and professionals of the Democratic-leaning inner-ring suburbs.