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a residential area outside of a city and beyond suburbia

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Until something is done beyond silence, which is exactly the dream deferred that Dent had witnessed on his southern journey, featureless exurbia and agro-industry, stripped of voices or stories, filled with the distant echoes of smart bombs broadcast through his car radio.
Near exurbia roads, the overall noise is not stable and time-history comprises individual vehicle passing by events as shown in Fig.
According to the report, the biggest demographic shift has been the dramatic slowing in the growth of exurbia.
corporate governance, and the land use plans and processes in exurbia.
Among the cases are Monsanto's genetically engineered wheat, salmon aquaculture and First Nations resistance in British Columbia, sustainable resource and environmental management strategy in Alberta, waste management in the Fundy region of New Brunswick, social inequality and brownfields redevelopment in downtown Toronto, and taking a stand in exurbia.
Clearly, if more rational regulations (ranging from responsible residential zoning to steadily tightening vehicle mileage standards) had been in place between 1975 and 2005, the country would have avoided the enormous infra-structural burden of exurbia and of 20-mile-per-gallon SUVs, and average per-capita energy use might have already declined by an encouraging margin.
277) This practice ignores what is really a rural-urban continuum, ranging from the most isolated, sparsely populated and impoverished places, to exurbia, suburbia, and inner cities--with many places in between.
AS IF INTRODUCING A SINGLE-family detached loft concept to exurbia wasn't daring enough for Cornerstone Homes of Longmont, Colo.
HUD has been run by former mayors throughout much of its history, but this is an administration whose political base stretches outward from city boundaries through the suburbs and into the gloriously red precincts of exurbia and rural townships.
Such a movement must not, however, simply constitute a reverse flight to exurbia by the already privileged, all urban and suburban consumer values in tact, but must instead become a genuine return to the land, to ecosystems, and to ecological interrelatedness and interdependence.
Of all the dismaying facts the Democrats have had to face since November, the toughest for me is the trend in blue-state exurbia.