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Synonyms for exultingly

in an exultant manner


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Now, then, I shall really enjoy life," said he exultingly, and spread out his branches; but, alas, they were all withered and yellow
I guess you'll think it's really and truly," prophesied Nancy, exultingly, nodding her head to Pollyanna over the armful of dresses she had taken from the closet.
Lord George, with a kindling eye and glowing cheek, took off his hat, and flourishing it above his head, bade him exultingly Farewell
we are moving now,' said the old gentleman exultingly.
And sure enough, upon its firing, Pip witnesses the sheer joy of the elderly man; as Pip observes, the Aged, "who I believe would have been blown out of his arm-chair but for holding on by the elbows--cried out exultingly, 'He's fired
If you see they have become unscrupulous enough to use the tragedy of the Syrians -- in whose plight they have the greatest share -- to blackmail the EU despite the fact that they have exultingly told the domestic public that the EU is on the verge of disintegration, or if you witness how they rush to seek protection from NATO in the face of threats from Syria and Russia even though they been strongly criticizing it, if you observe their pitiful obedience to the US administration even though they accuse dissidents or opponents of being subcontractors of the US or CIA agents, and if you alternate between feelings of shame, pity and disgust, then you have attained the nature of a citizen desirable to the Justice and Development Party (AKP).
8) In Ornithological Biography too, narratives of predatory behavior like the one which describes the Great White Heron fishing habits are not difficult to find: for example, the Red-tailed Hawk is described whilst "fall[ing] upon [a squirrel], [it] seizes it near the head, transfixes and strangles it, devours it on the spot, or ascends exultingly to a branch with the yet palpitating victim in its talons, and there feasts at leisure" (Audubon 1831-1949:vol.
This is what a reviewer has exultingly written about the novel: "Rajeevan does a splendid job of stripping the man-woman relationship of the aesthetics, mores and moralistic trappings and treating the human body, especially the female body, in all its crudity, without for a moment sounding indecent".
And they will plumb the depths, exultingly, believing that they are scaling the heights.
The word was blunder; and as Harriet exultingly proclaimed it, there was a blush on Jane's cheek which gave it a meaning not otherwise ostensible.
Christopher Hitchens exultingly proclaims, "Thanks to the telescope and the microscope it [i.
Jubilantly, exultingly, they ran yelling to fill their flasks and jugs.
On his release, [he American-press exultingly, announced the victory of Anglo-Saxon procedure by articles entitled, "Such and Such a Government Cannot Take X.
In the famous passage of the Narrative's second chapter, in which Douglass describes the slave songs, he says that the slaves would "sing most exultingly the following words:--/ I am going away to the Great House Farm
He disgusted me much while with him, for when a horrid blow-fly, bloated with some carrion food, buzzed into the room, he caught it, held it exultingly for a few moments between his finger and thumb, and, before I knew what he was going to do, put it in his mouth and ate it.