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Synonyms for exulting

joyful and proud especially because of triumph or success

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There, Miss Dosie," cried the exulting housemaid, for such was Honor's domestic rank, though preferred to so honorable and confidential a mission--"There, Miss Dosie, there it is, and it's a jewel.
But in a gale, the silent machinery of a sailing-ship would catch not only the power, but the wild and exulting voice of the world's soul.
Juanna Trista remained in Europe long enough to repay, by malevolence and ingratitude, all who had ever done her a good turn; and she then went to join her father in the Isles, exulting in the thought that she should there have slaves, whom, as she said, she could kick and strike at will.
Nevermore was he to return to wind-beaten Ilius, exulting in his chariot and his horses; ere he could do so, death of ill-omened name had overshadowed him and he had fallen by the spear of Idomeneus the noble son of Deucalion.
While the horrid clamor was still ringing in our ears we heard an exulting strain, as if a thousand instruments of music, with height and depth and sweetness in their tones, at once tender and triumphant, were struck in unison, to greet the approach of some illustrious hero, who had fought the good fight and won a glorious victory, and was come to lay aside his battered arms forever.
The day on which I take the happiest and best step of my life--the day on which I shall be a man more exulting and more enviable than any other man in the world--the day on which I give Bleak House its little mistress--shall be next month then," said my guardian.
And this address seemed to satisfy all the fondest wishes of the mother's heart, for she received him with the most delighted and exulting affection.
And so, exulting over an honorable confidence which to his degraded instinct was a ludicrous "simplicity," this unmanly Abelard seduced the niece of the man whose guest he was.
cried out an exulting voice that made Ferguson's heart leap to his throat.
he suddenly asked with exulting austerity and authority in his voice.
Up at once sprang the thought of Katharine, and with it a sense of exulting freedom, but this he checked instantly.
They were never more my guide than when I helped to put her to earth, not whimpering because my mother had been taken away after seventy-six glorious years of life, but exulting in her even at the grave.