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Synonyms for exultancy

the act or condition of feeling an uplifting joy over a success or victory

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It is finding out something for oneself with pain, with joy, with exultancy, with labor, and with all the little ticking, breathing moments of our lives.
He convinces auds he has achieved orgasm at the end of the first act, but fails to convey the exultancy of the feeling.
So to mention a few of the lapses he foresaw: While Berlioz stresses that Cassandra should first appear amid a crowd of celebrating Trojans (as the opera opens, the Trojans have suddenly left, leaving behind the wooden horse), at the Met she is perceived after the crowd has exited, thus robbing the audience of a calculated contrast between her lonely dread and the crowd's festive exultancy.
Despite some disagreements in the Group of Seven club over the strategic implications of this for NATO, and despite the need to garb the summit communique in environmentalist rhetoric to protect against those pesky Greens on the home front, there is no mistaking their ideological exultancy.
the feeling of exultancy, joy, and invincible strength would come back; and he was sure that the door would open for him, the magic word be spoken, and that he would make all of the glory power, and beauty of the earth his own.