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Synonyms for exudation

a substance that oozes out from plant pores

the process of exuding


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Postoperative pathology revealed grayish, white, and dark-red tissue, with massive fibrinous exudation and necrosis.
Moreover, the ozone has strong oxidizing ability, can inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, antagonize the release of inflammatory factors, reduce the local edema exudation and tissue hypoxia, improve the local cycle through inducing the overexpression of antioxidant enzymes.
2001), evaluating chemical stimulants on the cashew gum extraction, observed higher gum exudation rates in the month of September, with the use of a combined solution of 15% of Ethephon with 5% of dimethylsulfoxide.
Disposal of all defective segregated mines (Anti-Tank Mines 1A ND) for exudation of TNT, held at various locations will be undertaken by Army Headquarters (AHQ).
degree of inflammation, exudation, embedding of sutures and gross appearance of suture line and recorded on 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th day post-operatively using visual score card method.
In accordance with directive 64/432/EEC, as amended (18), the reaction at an individual injection site (either bovine or avian) is determined and considered negative 'if only limited swelling is observed, with an increase of not more than 2 mm without clinical signs such as diffuse or extensive oedema, exudation, necrosis, pain or inflammation of the lymphatic ducts in that region or of the lymph nodes, inconclusive 'if no clinical signs as mentioned (previously) are observed and if the increase in skin-fold thickness is more than 2 mm and less than 4 mm'; or positive (Table.
Guttation refers to the process of exudation of liquid droplets,
Clinically, the whole scalp was covered with white desquamation with multiple yellowish crusts with areas with yellow exudation, single follicular papules and disseminated exudative vesicles.
Therefore, two mechanisms may be indeed relevant: a "fast" diffusional process of exudation to the surface and precipitation at the surface from a supersaturated state and a "slow" diffusional process of completely soluble AO driven by the rate of continuing loss at the surface due to hydrolytic or oxidative degradation, evaporation, and extraction at the surface [43, 44].
Caption: Figure 2: Section of glomerulus with methenamine silver staining showing circumferential cellular crescent with fibrinoid necrosis and leukocytic exudation.
There is quite a laundry list of words which in some way suggest the movement of a desired color from an object intended to be that color to a second object not intended to be that color (like crocking, rub-off, bleeding, blooming, blushing, transfer, migration, extraction, sublimation, exudation, plateout, diffusion).
Burris believes that hydrodynamic pressures, which force fluid flow into the cartilage, must have counteracted the fluid lost to exudation.
This phenomenon was probably in part related to the exudation of oxalic, citric and malic acids by the rice roots.