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Synonyms for exudate

a substance that oozes out from plant pores

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Color, pH and package exudates were not affected by the SGS treatment.
Alginate Dressings -- Alginates are non-woven wound dressings that form hydrophilic gels with the wound exudate.
If the difference between protein levels of the effusate and serum is >31 g/l or the difference in albumin is >12 g/l, those exudates should be considered transudates.
The presence of exudates suggests a potentially sight-threatening condition, and if the patient is not already undergoing treatment for this, then referral is necessary for assessment and possible treatment.
We obtained 118 exudates fluid specimens from 99 patients from the Cytopathology Department of University Clinic of Navarra; 94 of these specimens were from patients with high-grade cancer of the following types: 14 ovarian, 5 breast, 18 lung, 15 colon, 9 gastric, 14 pancreatic, 8 liver, and 11 other types.
Allelopathic activity of root exudates from Leonurus sibiricus L.
Honeycolloid dressings are used for light to moderate exudates.
Co-administration of escin with Cort significantly reduced the volume of exudates and the number of white blood cells of exudates in bilaterally adrenalectomized rats with pleuritis, but treatment with escin or Cort alone at a suboptimal concentration did not show any effect on the pleuritis rats.
Gupta, Shahana Mazumdar, and Saurabh Choudhry (all ICARE Eye Hospital and Postgraduate Institute, India) offer a textbook that reflects their teaching, in which they advise doctors to look for retinal signs such as hemorrhages, exudates, and pigmentation then to analyze and group the different signs observed to arrive at a possible diagnosis.
Objective: Light's criteria, which were accepted in 1972 for the differential diagnosis of pleural effusions as transudates or exudates, are widely used worldwide.
SILVERCEL(R) Non-Adherent Anti-microbial Alginate Dressing - provides a controlled, balanced and sustained release of silver that helps manage infection and exudates incorporating a non-adherent layer to minimise damage and pain for easy, intact removal.
lowii plants lack the features associated with carnivory and are instead visited by tree shrews, which defecate into them after feeding on exudates that accumulate on the pitcher lid.
Exudates indicate a localized condition that affects the surfaces of organs directly such as malignancies, infections, or trauma.
Examination may reveal exudates (white areas) on the tonsils.