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a substance that oozes out from plant pores

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Present study shows that using pleural fluid cholesterol to differentiate exudate and transudate was more sensitive and specific than using Light's criteria because in our study 1 exudate out of 52 exudates was misclassified as transudate (Sensitivity 98%) and 1 out of 8 transudates was erroneously labelled as exudate (Specificity 87.
Probabilistic Neural Network(PNN), Decision Tree (DT) and Support Vector Machine(SVM) For Optimization Techniques Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization [4] Diabetic Machine Learning Classifiers retinopathy [3] Microaneurysms Hybrid Classifier combines Gaussian Mixture Mode(GMM) and Support Vector Machine(SVM) [5] Bright Lesions Linear Support Vector Machine(SVM) [6] Hard Exudates Dynamic threshold, edge detection Paper Database Obtained Result No [1] DRIVE Obtained Accuracy of DiaRetDB1 DRIVE=100% DMED DiaRetDB 1=100% STARE DMED=98.
The contents and species qualitative and quantitative analyses of amino acids in root exudates of rape revealed an obvious difference among species and between Zn supply levels (Table 3).
On otoscopic examination there was purulent exudates in suppurative otitis externa (Fig.
These authors considered as nonviable, seeds whose exudates presented weak pink color or colorless and concluded that 30 minutes of imbibition is the most efficient to estimate the germination of seeds.
Albumin gradient (serum albumin minus PE albumin) <12g/L for exudates and >12g/L for transudates
Dengue fever patients may have fundus signs such as retinal hemorrhages, macular edema, soft exudates, optic disc edema, vascular sheathing and retinochoroiditis and anterior uveitis.
The researchers assessed head space gas composition, muscle surface color (Minolta L*a*b*), pH, package exudates, microbial characteristics and off-odor in the packaged fillets to determine how well the combined treatment would work.
Materials and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study comprising 101 patients with pleural effusion, classified by previously established criteria as transudates or exudates.
Results: Canal debris [wax (28%) fungal deposits (19%) bacteria exudates (13%)].
This could be the reason of occurrence of small and large hemorrhages against evident swelling and serous exudates which contained solitary neutrophilous leucocytes, monocytes and erythrocytes.