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Synonyms for exuberantly

in an exuberant manner


in an ebullient manner

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And added with exuberantly confident pluminess: "After all he is from England.
Ridden positively by the champion jockey, the 11-2 chance was allowed an easy lead and jumped exuberantly.
Each sentence here darts forward with the rhythmic directness of speech, spilling exuberantly into the next, until it feels satisfyingly as if one is listening rather than reading.
Gerrard celebrated his two goals exuberantly and later said: "I got carried away with the celebration, but I showed what it means to play for England and to score for England.
They had initially demanded exuberantly high price from our informer, but finally they negotiated the cost at Rs 40,000 for one lakh fake currency notes, said Gehlot.
SLEEPER (1973)A jazz musician (Allen) is awoken from his cryogenic slumber 200 years in the future in Woody's exuberantly )A jazz musician (Allen) is awoken from his cryogenic slumber 200 yeain the future in Woody's exuberantl wacky comedy.
With an exuberantly handsome gas station attendant Mac in the lead and an ensemble cast of tourists, gangsters, and a state trooper, Lew Christensen's Filling Station is all-Americana.
One of their key themes is that the tendency to talk about a single housing market masks the fact that prices have remained flat or actually fallen in some neighborhoods while rising exuberantly in others.
He was exuberantly disarmed, cuffed and express-laned into Dauphin County Prison.
To moviegoers, Kidd was best known for the 1954 film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, in which a group of earthy backwoodsmen dance exuberantly with their prospective brides.
The introductory Andante did not quite settle (woodwind a little compromised, perhaps because of its location well behind the proscenium) but CBSO strings were on top form, sunny and rhythmically tight in the first Allegro, exuberantly light-hearted in the finale.
An exuberantly fruity and aromatic Californian white made from the Viognier grape, one of the most fashionable grapes of the moment.
Letters from Mignon (1987), while evoking the Mignon of Goethe's Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre, is actually based on a series of love letters that James (or Mignon, as Schafer calls her) wrote to the composer while she was based in Europe; Thunder: Perfect Mind (2003) is a virtuoso vocal work scored exuberantly by Schafer for full orchestra.
Jumping exuberantly throughout, he made every yard of the running under Timmy Murphy for a five-length success but Llewellyn is now keen to take advantage of a lenient handicap mark over timber and Dempsey's preference for racing right-handed.
5 percent in 2006 (when oil prices were soaring), and forecasts that GDP will grow far less exuberantly at 5.