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Synonyms for exuberantly

in an exuberant manner


in an ebullient manner

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WASHINGTON -- Approaching a milestone birthday, Michelle Obama exuberantly describes herself as ''50 and fabulous.
Assaidi celebrated his first Premier League goal exuberantly, removing his shirt and sprinting to the dugout where he was swamped by team-mates.
His mother joins in and then the whole audience is shown singing exuberantly.
This development comes at a crucial juncture when Pakistan's current per capita steel consumption is only 40 kilogram, which is exuberantly low, when compared with the global average of 215 kilogram.
Reproduced in black-and-white with color Sunday strips, Scribbles at an Exhibition is exuberantly funny from cover to cover, and an excellent giftbook to brighten any beleaguered parent's day.
And added with exuberantly confident pluminess: "After all he is from England.
Ridden positively by the champion jockey, the 11-2 chance was allowed an easy lead and jumped exuberantly.
The illustrations by Brown are exuberantly full of life and will add to the general enjoyment too.
Each sentence here darts forward with the rhythmic directness of speech, spilling exuberantly into the next, until it feels satisfyingly as if one is listening rather than reading.
Gerrard celebrated his two goals exuberantly and later said: "I got carried away with the celebration, but I showed what it means to play for England and to score for England.
They had initially demanded exuberantly high price from our informer, but finally they negotiated the cost at Rs 40,000 for one lakh fake currency notes, said Gehlot.
With an exuberantly handsome gas station attendant Mac in the lead and an ensemble cast of tourists, gangsters, and a state trooper, Lew Christensen's Filling Station is all-Americana.
One of their key themes is that the tendency to talk about a single housing market masks the fact that prices have remained flat or actually fallen in some neighborhoods while rising exuberantly in others.
He was exuberantly disarmed, cuffed and express-laned into Dauphin County Prison.