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Synonyms for exuberant

Synonyms for exuberant

full of joyful, unrestrained high spirits

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

Synonyms for exuberant

joyously unrestrained

Related Words

unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings

produced or growing in extreme abundance

References in classic literature ?
Finally, it was not until after midnight that the four travelers were released at the entrance to Lord John Roxton's chambers in the Albany, and that the exuberant crowd, having sung `They are Jolly Good Fellows' in chorus, concluded their program with `God Save the King.
And Michael, a follower always where the exuberant Jerry led, sought throughout the passing year for what he could not find.
He detested women with a too exuberant vitality and a lack of .
Felix, on the other hand, sprang to his feet with alert politeness and greeted his friend with exuberant cordiality.
It is excusable to grow enthusiastic over the infinite numbers of organic beings with which the sea of the tropics, so prodigal of life, teems; yet I must confess I think those naturalists who have described, in well-known words, the submarine grottoes decked with a thousand beauties, have indulged in rather exuberant language.
His genius, however, like his exuberant spirit, could not be crushed out.
The exuberant power in the religious satires and the narrative 'Tam o' Shanter' is undeniable, but they belong to a lower order of work.
The great wall of vegetation, an exuberant and entangled mass of trunks, branches, leaves, boughs, festoons, motionless in the moonlight, was like a rioting invasion of soundless life, a rolling wave of plants, piled up, crested, ready to topple over the creek, to sweep every little man of us out of his little existence.
for the pulse was exuberant and indicated much phlebotomy), I apprehended an immediate mortification.
Therefore must I descend into the deep: as thou doest in the evening, when thou goest behind the sea, and givest light also to the nether-world, thou exuberant star!
As for the Good Sport, she was larger, blonder, and more exuberant than ever and she was addressing someone as 'Bill'.
With his mouth and hands he made exuberant motions of eating rice and washing clothes; and the Chinaman, who concealed his distrust of this pantomime under a collected demeanour tinged by a gentle and refined melancholy, glanced out of his almond eyes from Jukes to the hatch and back again.
Amongst a lot of exuberant talkers, in the habit of exhausting themselves daily by ardent discussion, a comparatively taciturn personality is naturally credited with reserve power.
He wore a forage-cap of fine blue cloth, from which depended a soiled tassel in gold, and which was nearly buried in a mass of exuberant, curling, jet-black hair.
Pickwick's remark, in Count Smorltork's tablets, with such variations and additions as the count's exuberant fancy suggested, or his imperfect knowledge of the language occasioned.