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Synonyms for failure

Synonyms for failure

the condition of not achieving the desired end

one that fails completely

a cessation of proper mechanical functions

nonperformance of what ought to be done

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

the condition of being financially insolvent

Synonyms for failure

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Early noninvasive ventilation averts extubation failure in patients at risk: a randomized trial.
Previous studies have shown several factors to predict extubation failure, including the rapid shallow breathing index (14), positive fluid balance in previous 24 hours (4), pneumonia as the reason for initiating mechanical ventilation (4), amount of endotracheal secretions (15-18), mental status (18) and hypercapnia (4,18) during the spontaneous breathing trial.
The effect of extubation failure on outcome in a multidisciplinary Australian intensive care unit.
Extubation failure was defined as reintubation and return to ventilatory support in less than 48 hours.
However, the extubation failure rate of 21% was higher than rates reported in some studies of weaning readiness prediction, suggesting extubation readiness prediction by the system needed further evaluation (25-27).