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of rock material

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The chemical data presented here support this interpretation and suggest that the metarhyolite could be the extrusive equivalent of the ca.
a fine-grained extrusive volcanic rock) is one of the most Lithium-rich rhyolites in the world, with unweathered black obsidian samples containing 125 to 228 ppm Lithium.
These findings indicate that while correction of deep bite by newer pulse straightened wires may create greater intrusive loads on anterior teeth and extrusive loads on posterior molars.
Extrusive luxation had the longest treatment time (60.
This model shows that chemical variation within intrusive or extrusive complexes may not always be a result of different source rocks for partial melts or melting percentage alone but some variation can readily be caused by variation in tectonic stresses in the area.
It is a tilted sedimentary fault block with a northeast-trending dip-slope along with Tertiary volcanic rocks of both intrusion and extrusive origins (Wood et al.
present 14 papers discussing such topics as creativity and measurement in the search for stratigraphic traps, case studies and future potential of stratigraphic traps in the Tertiary rift basins of Indonesia, identification of stratigraphic traps with subtle seismic amplitude effects in Miocene channel/levee sand systems of the Gulf of Mexico, the importance of stratigraphic plays in the undiscovered resources of the UK continental shelf, application of a sealing surface classification for stratigraphic related traps in the UK Central North Sea, the variability of turbidite sandbody pinchout and its impact on hydrocarbon recovery in stratigraphically trapped fields, and extrusive sandstone as a possible new class of stratigraphic trap.
Unfortunately, the difficulties concerning the problem of the allegedly directional structure formation are also met in other manufacture processes of building materials and products which include extrusive [24], fibres pulp processing [25] etc.
Birkeland 1999) and less commonly in in situ soil focusing on extrusive rocks such as basalts (e.
Though a personally exhausting and extrusive task, Quentin's imaginative reconstruction of the history of Reconstruction has profoundly destructive implications for the imagining (or, more precisely, the forgetting) of a different "Reconstruction" from another time and place: the Philippine-American War.
Rate of extrusive growth of incisors of pocket gophers.
The molten mass is intermixed with a stripping agent, gene rally water, ensuring that the molten mass foams when the extrusive pressure is reduced.
For example, it has long been thought that the primary source of marine magnetic anomalies lies in the upper, extrusive section of the oceanic crust.
Naturalist Dave Nissen has made a career of leading trips through the High Desert, breezily adding words like igneous extrusive to his patrons' vocabularies.
In one sense, all poetic statements are either extrusive or intrusive; great poems are both.