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Synonyms for extrude

Synonyms for extrude

form or shape by forcing through an opening


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With the new look and features of the Plastic Extrusion Technologies website, clients can easily find more information regarding P.
Also makes a wood/plastic composite compounding and extrusion line that combines a continuous batch intensive mixer with an Advantage hot-melt extruder.
Among the most desirable grades of scrap sought by some consumers are prompt grades produced during the extrusion process.
We look forward to being able to profit from Allan's experience and fresh ideas," remarked Steve Althardt, Sales Manager for Taber Extrusions.
Foamazol chemical blowing agents for use in most application such as structural foam, wire and cable, profile and sheet, blown and extruded films, blow molded containers, injection molding, and PP ribbon extrusion.
Controlling die swell during extrusion is important in order to maintain good dimensional stability of the extrudate.
The Laval, Quebec, extrusion plant was sold to an investor
The upgrade to our sawing capabilities provides our customers with a product precise enough to be loaded directly into their machining centers," remarked Steve Althardt, Sales Manager for Taber Extrusions.
Most uncured extrusions are still marked with a 24" (circumference) contact printing wheel that applies pigmented ink.
MONTREAL, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Alcan Aluminium Limited (NYSE: AL) announced today that it has reached an agreement in principle for the sale of its aluminum extrusion facilities in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Franklin, New Hampshire, to Cressona Aluminum Company of Cressona, Pennsylvania.
For over thirty-five years, Taber Extrusions has worked with this specific vertical in designing custom aluminum extruded shapes that significantly reduce machine time and material costs.
Advapax lubricating stabilizers offer superior processing for pipe extrusion, siding and profile extrusions and molded fittings.
The article introduces the Boss Generic Self-Adhesive system (BGSA system), which creates robust bonding between PSAs and custom designed extrusions.
a leading South Korean aluminum extruder, have agreed to form a joint venture to produce aluminum extrusions and tube products principally for the South Korean aerospace market, it was announced today.