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being concerned with the social and physical environment

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Second, both religious reflection measures should predict higher levels of psychological and religious openness as made evident in positive correlations with Openness to Experience, Need for Cognition, and Integrative Self-Knowledge and with the Extrovertive and Interpretation, but not necessarily with the Introvertive mysticism factors.
Removal of two items from the Introvertive and four items from the Extrovertive factors maximized their internal reliabilities.
Intellect Oriented Reflection exhibited direct linkages with Extrovertive Mysticism, Interpretation of Mysticism, Need for Cognition, Openness to Experience, and Integrative Self-Knowledge.
All three mysticism measures correlated positively with each other, and the Extrovertive and Interpretation of Mysticism factors also predicted greater Need for Cognition, Openness to Experience, and Integrative Self-Knowledge, with these results once again suggesting their more adaptive psychological implications in Iran.
Openness to religious experience appeared in positive correlations of both Christian Religious Reflection measures with the Interpretation of Mysticism factor and in a direct association of Intellect Oriented Reflection with Extrovertive Mysticism.