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  • adj

Synonyms for extroverted

disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

Synonyms for extroverted

not introspective

at ease in talking to others

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being concerned with the social and physical environment

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According to Timothy Church, professor of counseling psychology, even the people across non-Western cultures reported more positive emotions in daily situations where they also felt or acted more extroverted.
Extroverted students seated next to introverted ones made the introverted students lose confidence.
In both media, he's a dry comedian, an extroverted navel-gazer, and a nonabusive pleasure in this age of literary self-absorption.
Thus, Haiman argues that Zipf's principle correctly predicts that in the above examples the reflexive marking of the introverted verb will be phonologically lighter than that of the extroverted verb because the introverted verb typically occurs with such marking whereas the extroverted verb does not.
One extroverted student said he did his best studying on a city bus--to prepare for a test, he got on a bus and just rode around the city finding energy in all the activity.
Farruquito's 14-year-old brother, Farruco, explored a lighter genre with his devilish take on the extroverted, Cuban-flavored guajiras.
He says the Welsh and Northern Irish are more extroverted than the Scots and English.
Temperaments: It's normal for an extroverted child to participate a lot in class; it's normal for an introverted child to not participate.
On the eve of the Academy Awards, The Sun's Michael Sragow noted that the popular French fantasy, up for five Oscars, was a "comedy about an introvert" that nonetheless used a "wildly extroverted plot and style.
It took us a while to discover that his extroverted personality concealed a sharp, creative mind and the sensitivity of a born psychologist.
Star is an opulent floral bouquet and retails in a pink bottle to attract women who are ambitious, impulsive and extroverted.
She is chatty and extroverted, comfortable in her manner and apparently anxious to explain who she is.
The first dimension, Introvert/Extrovert, reflects a general attitude toward the world: extroverted, in which the person is directed outward toward other persons and objects, or introverted, where attention and energy are directed inward to focus on internal, often unspoken, representations of events.
often function well in the extroverted business environment because they can work at being extroverted when the situation calls for it," they say.
Bob Johnson describes himself as an "ENTP," shorthand for one of 16 personality profiles of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: an Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver.