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  • adj

Synonyms for extroverted

disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

Synonyms for extroverted

not introspective

at ease in talking to others

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being concerned with the social and physical environment

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In the end, this seemingly extroverted world needs all kinds of people to function.
The use of language-learning strategies by introverted and extroverted students (as defined in the EPQ) was analyzed on the basis of Oxford's (1990) strategy classifications.
And you don't have to be an extrovert to be more extroverted.
Extroverted students seated next to introverted ones made the introverted students lose confidence.
This dynamic balance of introverted and extroverted reader's spaces is an apt architectural metaphor for Montreal and contemporary Quebec, where enduring local traditions have now come to co-exist comfortably with the finessing of global economic and technological forces.
And I think that people who are extroverted just love the backslapping and all that stuff.
In her preface Sato describes her subjects as "the bobbed-haired, short-skirted modern girl (modan garu); the self-motivated housewife (shufu); and the rational, extroverted professional working woman (shokugyo fujin), each of whom offered Japanese women new identities in the 1920s," (p.
In both media, he's a dry comedian, an extroverted navel-gazer, and a nonabusive pleasure in this age of literary self-absorption.
Thus, Haiman argues that Zipf's principle correctly predicts that in the above examples the reflexive marking of the introverted verb will be phonologically lighter than that of the extroverted verb because the introverted verb typically occurs with such marking whereas the extroverted verb does not.
One extroverted student said he did his best studying on a city bus--to prepare for a test, he got on a bus and just rode around the city finding energy in all the activity.
The current study was based on previous research by Lounsbury and DeNeui (1995,1996) who found that; 1) PSC was significantly negatively related to institution size, 2) extroverted students had higher PSC scores than introverted students, 3) students living on-campus reported higher PSC scores than those living off-campus, 4) students involved in Greek organizations reported higher PSC than non-Greek and 5) out-of-state students reported higher PSC than in-state students.
Farruquito's 14-year-old brother, Farruco, explored a lighter genre with his devilish take on the extroverted, Cuban-flavored guajiras.
He says the Welsh and Northern Irish are more extroverted than the Scots and English.
Temperaments: It's normal for an extroverted child to participate a lot in class; it's normal for an introverted child to not participate.