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not introspective

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The extrospective relevance of Acosta's work becomes evident here, as Carmen's hope of reclaiming her family's former unity through holding the quinceanera gestures toward the broader cultural significance of this ceremony for Latina communities.
To be sure, it is choreography mesmerizing in its capacity to be at once balletic and pugilistic; but because the film, more generally, is extrospective in orientation--is grounded in a frontality that ministers to pictorial intelligibility--City Lights is also undeniably more accessible across the orality-literacy continuum.
The extrospective approach (Festinger, 1954; Sullivan, 1953) views self-concept as a product of a person's social interactions and society's reactions to that person.
Firstly, it is extrospective blindness, for the self-deceived subject is unable to make the inference strongly suggested by the known evidence.