extrinsic fraud

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fraud that prevents a party from knowing their rights or from having a fair opportunity of presenting them at trial

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Extrinsic fraud is conduct which prevents a party from trying the case and bringing the issues before the court.
The dismissal came as a result of the Court's finding "upon clear and convincing evidence that the Tellez judgment of October 6, 2008, was the product of a fraud on the court and extrinsic fraud perpetrated against defendants by [plaintiffs' lawyers] and their agents.
I believe that the Supreme Court can give due course to a petition for review on certiorari, on the ground of extrinsic fraud, which was committed outside the narratives of the trial," said Santiago, who was one of the three senator-judges who voted to acquit Corona.
Extrinsic fraud is identified as fraud going to the jurisdiction of the issuing court or the kind of fraud that misleads the court, foreign or domestic, into believing that it has jurisdiction over the cause of action.