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the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition

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Judging will be carried out by a team of assessors from around the country including doctors and leading practitioners in the field of extrication.
Templeton Fire and EMS units initially responded with an extrication tool, and then requested a second extrication tool from Winchendon.
They are part-time, but they compete in extrication challenges and they responded well to this situation.
Today, they demonstrated extrication procedures for urban rescue scenarios and spoke about the importance of funding at the local and state level.
Tenders are invited for Equipment Supply Contract Specific Complex Emergency Situations Autospeciale Intervention, Extrication and Emergency Medical Assistance - Frap
It took four sets of hydraulic extrication tools to crack open the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado enough to get Mr.
Wales' social justice minister Edwina Hart also presented Bridgend's triumphant extrication team with their trophy after winning the World Extrication Championships.
Units are used in structural fire protection, wildland and brush firefighting, fuel and ammunition storage protection, and rescue extrication.
The Lancaster Fire Department used hydraulic extrication tools, known as the Jaws of Life, to free him from the car.
To address growing concerns in the field of auto extrication, State Farm(R) will host a nationwide educational program for rescue professionals on Friday, June 23.
The trucks will be deployed worldwide for structural fire protection, wildland and brush firefighting, fuel and ammunition storage protection, aircraft rescue and rescue extrication in almost any terrain.
Rescue workers had to use an extrication device to free the woman from the badly mangled car she was driving.
A team of South Wales firefighters has been crowned World Extrication Champions for the second time.
State Farm is providing information to rescue workers about the new technologies in today's vehicles, which can impact the safety of both the victim and the rescue worker during an emergency extrication.