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the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition

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They were also crowned best overall extrication team, beating teams from Lisbon in Portugal, and Catalonia in Spain into second and third place respectively.
Watch Commander Darren Haley from Cleckheaton fire station said: "Guided by paramedics, we removed the car's roof and did a full extrication procedure.
Both drivers required extrication from the vehicles with the help of the re service, while ambulance sta and the doctor worked to stabilise their conditions.
Firefighters stabilized the vehicle and used an extrication device to free the passenger.
The crews attended to assist the North West Ambulance service with the extrication of a man from the deck of a ship which was in dock.
The Bahrain Extrication Team took part in a motorsport medicine seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel's Bahrain Convention Centre where they were tested by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Institute for Motorsport Safety and Sustainability on their ability to successfully remove injured drivers from crashed cars.
He said the rescue teams, members of which are "veteran and well-trained rescuers," are equipped with extrication power tools, bolt cutters, chainsaws, and trauma kit.
Six firefighters and a paramedic from the North East Ambulance Service represented the UK in the World Rescue Extrication Championships held in London last week.
This was a complex extrication, taking around two hours to rescue the man from the bales.
8 million in 2011, the foundation donated items including a rescue boat fire extinguisher training systems, automated external defibrillators, allterrain Vehicles, thermal imaging cameras and extrication tools.
Vehicle extrication level I & II; principles and practice.
As in past years, it should be noted that this summary does not reflect all grain-related entrapments, fatal or nonfatal, that have occurred, due to the lack of a comprehensive reporting system and a continued reluctance on the part of some victims and employers to report partial entrapments where extrication was required but no public report was made.
The team is well-rounded, with expert medical knowledge, specializing in the trauma considerations and extrication needs specific to a downed aircraft.
The ASOP general secretary said, "Parrots, doves, wagtails and vultures are also being bereft of their natural habitat and near to extrication.
Attractions will include rides and amusements, a freefall parachute display, tank rides and a car-crash rescue demonstration by Northumberland firefighters, currently the UK extrication champions.