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I think not," she replied; "but I cannot extricate my foot from beneath my horse.
When I had done what I could to help others, I climbed back into my carriage--nearly turned over a viaduct, and caught aslant upon the turn--to extricate the worthy couple.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan on Friday said that the main cause of terrorism was the US 'war on terror adding that peace could be restored in the country if Pakistan extricates itself from the US 'war on terror'.
Captain Geary assumes command, and miraculously extricates the fleet.
Day Break,'' billed as a cross between ``The Fugitive'' and ``Groundhog Day,'' starring Taye Diggs as a cop framed for murder who must relive the same day repeatedly until he extricates himself from his predicament.
For Kaplan, reflected images are just one element in a bag of tricks that extricates the dancers from the mundane conventions of gravity and time.
At his best, writing on the transitory promises and lasting inanities of pop culture, Goldstein finds his way into some of his characters-and then extricates himself just in time.
The details of the settlement were outlined in a recent 8K filing and, if accepted by the court during its upcoming hearing on June 12, 2002, this settlement extricates the company entirely from further action by the SEC.