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capable of being extricated


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In this case perhaps most significant is the intellectual context of the Tibetan Kagyu and Shambhala lineages, where conditioned arising or interrelatedness is embedded in the matrix of tathagatagarbha and basic goodness, where facts are not ultimately extricable from value.
Though Forter urges a strict distinction between historical and constitutive losses, my argument suggests that the trauma of slavery is both linked to and extricable from the Real lack of subjectivity.
Within Rogerian science, humans are not viewed as extricable from nature, but rather are integral with it.
If, on the one hand, a supposed question of mixed fact and law contains an "extricable" error in principle, then the question is actually two separate questions: one of law (the extricable issue), and one of fact (the underlying facts that surround the legal issue).
Freedman JA for the Court agreed with the lower court judge that the question was one of mixed fact and law, but determined that there was an extricable question of law with 2 parts: 1) whether promissory estoppel was available as a remedy, given the fact that the union was deemed to have complied with an alteration of the initial agreement; 2) whether the law of promissory estoppel requires that the promisor intend by its representation, whatever its form, to affect legal relations with the other party (the promisee).