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Synonyms for extremity

Synonyms for extremity

a highly volatile dangerous situation requiring immediate remedial action

Synonyms for extremity

an extreme condition or state (especially of adversity or disease)

the greatest or utmost degree

the outermost or farthest region or point

that part of a limb that is farthest from the torso

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Luigi Ferrari, CEO of Lima Corporate said: This agreement gives Lima Corporate a big step up in the knee and extremities segments in Japan after the successful acquisition of these products completed for EEA last July.
characterized the purchases as "overall positive moves that will help replenish recently divested ortho recon assets with faster growing extremities products/distribution capabilities," and that the move is in line with the company's expansion goal of targeted extremities investments that help the company better capitalize on sales and profit growth acceleration opportunities within the "attractively growing" foot and ankle segment.
The addition of air bag deployment to the use of a seat belt further reduced the risk of injury to the same regions as the seat belt only group, including the lower extremities (OR, 0.
Although a standard stethoscope can be used to assess pressures in the arteries of the upper and lower extremities, a Doppler ultrasound device is recommended for accuracy in blood pressure measurements.
Check pupil reaction, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respirations, grasp, and active range of motion of all extremities.
If the distance from the gate to the extremities of the mold cavity is too great, the metal freezes prematurely, resulting in misruns.
Neurologic exam revealed normal strength in bilateral upper extremities and left lower extremity.
Manual compression therapy has been found to be quite effective for RIF, mainly in the extremities.
For example, baseball pitchers often strength train the muscles in the front of their body--the shoulders, chest, upper arms, midsection and those in the lower extremities.
Once the core is stabilized, the pelvic and shoulder girdles are capable of being stabilized - which is essential to stabilization of the extremities.
The infection may recur, causing chronic swelling of extremities (lymphadenitis).
Among the most highly selected and proficient dancers, Garrick and Requa found that external hip rotation measurements fall well within the normal range for the general population, suggesting that the rather substantial turnout seen in the lower extremities is the result of more than external rotation of the hips.
Study participants with abnormal pulses in the feet and lower extremities in 1990 had a three times greater risk of pressure sores later.
While more mature orthopedic markets, such as hips and knees, are fairly saturated, extremities are relatively untapped, and manufacturers have been investing heavily in this market, seeking growth.
Prior center of the orthopedic business was focused on expansive joints, hip, knee and spine and it is just in the late times that the extremities market has earned some acknowledgment primarily on the grounds that it offers better treatment and in addition solid development opportunities.