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any political theory favoring immoderate uncompromising policies

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As part of the government s comprehensive strategy for tackling extremism, the Prime Minister wants to increase co-operation with countries around the world to share best practice and identify new approaches to countering poisonous ideologies.
He described extremism and sectarianism as a security risk for the entire world, and said, "Unfortunately, certain neighbors still look at extremism as a playing card and not a danger.
The "KNOW Extremism Campaign" uses a comprehensive digital media approach to counter this activity including a website, online ads, social media, and a digital advocacy hub.
There is no single solution to tackling extremism but the media and internet are key areas for firm action where for too long extremists have been allowed to propagate their divisive narrative, and authorities have been reluctant to act for fear of diminishing the right of free speech.
Under plans announced by the Prime Minister, who is chairing a meeting of the extremism task force, universities will be forced to combat extremism on campus.
No body could impose their version forcibly on the others and Muslims cannot be blamed for terrorism and extremism, he added.
He further said that none of above mentioned states refers to concrete policies, political issues, inter-societal complexities, or prejudice to address the root causes of violent extremism.
She also stressed the forthcoming counterextremism strategy already announced by the Prime Minister for this autumn would deal with all strains of extremism, from "Islamist" to "neo-Nazi".
2nd Vice President Hassabo Mohammed Abdel-Rahman speaking at a seminar organized by the Arab and African Youth Council in cooperation with the US Embassy in Khartoum to discuss the spread of religious extremism among younger people, said that the presidency will issue decisions soon to confirm its support for efforts to prevent extremism and close loopholes leading to it.
He stressed, when he addressed Saturday at the Friendship Hall a symposium on (The Phenomenon of Religious Extremism among Young People: causes and Solutions) organized by the Arab and African Youth Council and the US Embassy in Khartoum, state support for the outcome of the symposium to consolidate the principle of dialogue, reiterating Sudan's commitment to the moderate methodology and its rejection to the hyperbole and extremism, reviewing the forms and types of the phenomenon of extremism which does not have colour, race nor homeland.
Summary: Trying to examine extremism from just one perspective can only fuel it further, warned former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora Thursday, adding that Sunnis would not take that road.
Hate and extremism is not acceptable in our society and if people cannot be educated then extremism must be eradicated through all lawful measures.
From launching an investigation into the use of Sharia law to promoting "British values" through social media, and from an inspection of police responses to honour crimes to stricter English language requirements, Theresa May set out how a Conservative majority government would deal with extremism.
13 (Petra) Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour will open tomorrow a conference on a comprehensive strategy to fight extremism, that is organized by the Al Quds Center for political Studies.
The Conference held yesterday 4 sessions during which the participants discussed a number of research papers that explained the concept of extremism and its origins through the ages, as well as the danger of extremism and militancy and means of confrontation, especially through the right centrist Islamic thought as well as through scientific and educational means.