extreme unction

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a Catholic sacrament

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She seemed grateful, so I proceeded to my sleeping twin baby brothers, giving them the extreme unction, touching each tiny fingertip and all 20 toes with olive oil.
For many centuries, the sacrament of Extreme Unction was also known as the "impositio manuum super infirmum"--a laying of hands on the sick.
The Church administered a sacrament called extreme unction to the dying, as sort of a booster shot of holiness right before approaching the pearly gates.
The central, unquestioned assumption behind this emphasis on the "end" (fine) rested squarely on belief in free will and the necessity of performing good works, avoiding sin, and availing oneself of the sacraments of the Church, especially penance, extreme unction, and the Eucharist.
There's Bethlehem and Cheltenham, Lourdes and Limerick Junction, the trip to Medujorge, for a rub of Extreme Unction, good people climb Croagh Patrick, with serenity on their faces, but Ruby Walsh he saved me life, below at The Galway Races Hey Ruby, hold her back, give her the crack and h'up she'll go
As opposed to the Popovtsi trend, the Pomorskoye groups reject three out of the seven Christian sacraments: priesthood, anointing with oil, and extreme unction.
At the end he submitted to Extreme Unction as he lay dying in her arms.
First, most Roman Catholic chaplains ignored the British Army's ban on chaplains going into the trenches because of the need to administer sacraments, most notably Extreme Unction.
Before I was 18 years old I'd had pneumonia 13 times, received extreme unction many times, and was hospitalized with other health problems as a young adult.
One of the latest contras is extreme, which used to mean 'dire,' as in the extreme unction administered by a priest to a person about to die.
I tasted the malignity of the gorse, Its black spikes, The extreme unction of its yellow candle-flowers.
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