extreme unction

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a Catholic sacrament

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How did the sacraments of penance and extreme unction work?
Now that he hath received the sacrament for his redemption, and then his extreme unction, Everyman gives blessings to all who counselled him to take it, and thanks God that his companions have tarried so long.
She seemed grateful, so I proceeded to my sleeping twin baby brothers, giving them the extreme unction, touching each tiny fingertip and all 20 toes with olive oil.
For many centuries, the sacrament of Extreme Unction was also known as the "impositio manuum super infirmum"--a laying of hands on the sick.
Barry Windeatt notes that Margery's afirmations and devotion to the eucharist, her frequent confessions and pilgrimage, her reverence for images, her prayers and devotion to saints, her observance of fasts, her beliefs on baptism, indulgences, and extreme unction, along with her evident acceptance of the authority of priestly orders and of the Church.
The sportsman reportedly received Extreme Unction, an older term for the sacrament of the 'Anointing of the Sick', wherein a priest applied olive oil on the forehead and hands while reciting prayers, to bless him.
A Vatican spokesman said he was given the Viaticum - the Holy Communion given to Roman Catholics in danger of death - followed by the last sacrament of Extreme Unction.
The sacrament of Extreme Unction cannot be administered by the laity.
The Church administered a sacrament called extreme unction to the dying, as sort of a booster shot of holiness right before approaching the pearly gates.
The central, unquestioned assumption behind this emphasis on the "end" (fine) rested squarely on belief in free will and the necessity of performing good works, avoiding sin, and availing oneself of the sacraments of the Church, especially penance, extreme unction, and the Eucharist.
There's Bethlehem and Cheltenham, Lourdes and Limerick Junction, the trip to Medujorge, for a rub of Extreme Unction, good people climb Croagh Patrick, with serenity on their faces, but Ruby Walsh he saved me life, below at The Galway Races Hey Ruby, hold her back, give her the crack and h'up she'll go
Ramon Abella wrote in his death record that Tolemele "received penitence and extreme unction before leaving, he went without my realizing it.
As opposed to the Popovtsi trend, the Pomorskoye groups reject three out of the seven Christian sacraments: priesthood, anointing with oil, and extreme unction.
At the end he submitted to Extreme Unction as he lay dying in her arms.
First, most Roman Catholic chaplains ignored the British Army's ban on chaplains going into the trenches because of the need to administer sacraments, most notably Extreme Unction.
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