extreme point

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the point located farthest from the middle of something

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First, a deliberating group, asked to make a group decision, will shift toward a more extreme point in the direction indicated by the median predeliberation judgment.
The position is moving in n dimensions and the value of this extreme point was changed.
Just like a stick will snap when it is bent to its extreme point, the bone will also ultimately bend till it snaps if it is not treated.
If we are familiar with history, we know that when outrages reach an extreme point, people demand censorship,'' he said.
Extreme point results for robust stabilization of interval plants with first order compensators.
Congress should ask whether this expansion marks the extreme point in the swing of a pendulum, with declining deficits and spending to follow, or whether higher levels of spending and borrowing are being built into the federal budget.
I'm surprised that a business that wants to push its product has become involved in pushing an extreme point of view.
It is necessary to find this extreme point with the best or the worst fitness of tested function.
Whatever you call it, it's really, really steep - 52 degrees at its most extreme point and 45 degrees on the average.
In "Pong," an arrow points to a spot close to the right-hand extreme point of a line -- a point referenced as "Something out of the Matrix" -- to show readers this is where EDS product lifecycle management software can drive one's business, as opposed to a basic "Pong" video game on the left-hand extreme.
The situation has now snowballed to an extreme point, he said.
Vibrations are created when a particle or a vibrating part moves from one extreme point to other which is separated by few microns.
It features a radical new Extreme Point polymer tip bullet, which offers an elevated ballistic coefficient for flatter trajectory and long-range accuracy potential.
2 depicts an example fingerprint with one distinct minutia that shows up as a distinct extreme point on the right gradient map.