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Synonyms for extraverted

disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

Synonyms for extraverted

being concerned with the social and physical environment

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They found that BDSM practitioners, as compared to controls, had higher subjective well-being, were more extraverted, open to new experiences, and conscientious, and were less neurotic, agreeable, and sensitive to rejection.
This is in line with evidence suggesting that more religious people are also more conscientious, agreeable, and extraverted (Egan, Kroll, Carey, Johnson, & Erickson, 2004; Wink, Ciciolla, Dillon, & Tracy, 2007).
Extraverted folks like "Beerpong," whereas introverts like "Programming.
Other than an extraverted orientation toward seeking pleasure, underlying similarities between Denise and Enid would be hard to identify.
In spite of the rise of the oil economy, Nigeria remains an extraverted state.
On the other hand, young adults who are extraverted, self-disciplined, and dependable are less likely to face career decision-making difficulties.
Compared to the folded pieces, these works look more fragile, more vulnerable, but also more aggressive and extraverted.
Combine Ghazi's officers and Mubarak's marketing strategy and you arrive at the elemental features of effendi political projects, shared by the rulers and their contenders: self-referential with little regard to the people to be 'saved', 'liberated', 'delivered'C*etcetera, and extraverted, whereby external anchor is sought to compensate for the deficiency in domestic legitimacy.
Teaching is a very stressful profession (Kyriacou, 1998), requiring high levels of social interaction (Sikula, Buttery, Guyton, 1996), and extraverted individuals who are naturally prone to positive affectivity and enjoy interacting with others (Costa & McCrae, 1992b) might feel better prepared to enter such a career.
On the other hand, even somewhat extraverted people may find it necessary to seek privacy when they have sensory overload due to dealing with people.
An extraverted 8-year old boy said that he had a favorite song but unfortunately it was in English ("Hard Rock Hallelujah", by the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi) and he could not sing it.
Kircaldy's (1982) analysis of university team sports indicated, for example, that offensive players were less emotionally stable, more toughminded, and (at least for male athletes) more extraverted than less defensive players.
However, this finding is contrary to that of Thayer (1995), who reported that between ages 8 and 12, students gradually became more extraverted each year, and their preference for Extra-version styles increased after age 12.
People range from the extraverted to the introverted (extraversion); from being agreeable and conciliatory to disagreeable and even confrontational (agreeableness); from being conscientious, detail oriented, and perfectionistic to disorganized (conscientiousness); from expressing a high degree of neuroticism, anxiety, and depression to stability and level-headedness (neuroticism); and from being open, curious, and creative to being closed to new ideas and experiences (openness to experience).
Age and extraversion were significantly related to avoidance such that older individuals and extraverted individuals engaged in less avoidance behavior.