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Synonyms for extrovert

outgoing person



Synonyms for extrovert

(psychology) a person concerned more with practical realities than with inner thoughts and feelings

being concerned with the social and physical environment

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It was found that the internal consistency coefficients which were calculated for the reliability of the scale ranged between, 73 and,89 and the highest internal consistency coefficient belonged to extraversion (89) and the lowest internal consistency coefficient belonged to emotional imbalance (73).
When Table 2 is examined, it is observed that the dimension of extraversion of TIPS is positively and significantly related with both ABPT extraversion dimension (r = 59, p < 01) and FFPI extraversion dimension (r = 58, p < 01).
14) found correlations between TIPS and FFPI ranging between, 65 and 87 (87 for extraversion, 70 for amenability, 75 for responsibility, 81 for emotional balance and, 65 for openness to experience).
433 variance Items Factors I find Responsibility Extraversion myself .