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outside territorial limits or jurisdiction


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2010) (holding that RICO does not apply extraterritorially under Morrison)', Cedeno v.
constrained from applying its law extraterritorially where a sufficient
If the lawyer lives in New York, then the Ontario rules apply extraterritorially.
283) Generally speaking, domestic environmental statutes do not apply extraterritorially.
The Ninth Circuit also rejected arguments that the fuel standards attempted to regulate extraterritorially by attempting to control out- of-state conduct.
The ICCPR and Its Applicability Extraterritorially and During Armed Conflict
33) Yet while judges may be institutionally ill-equipped to determine whether to apply statutes extraterritorially, executive actors have precisely the sort of competence required to make such determinations.
58) First, unless congressional intent indicates otherwise, it is presumed that statutes do not apply extraterritorially.
An examination of an early draft of the Constitution and its legislative history showed that the Framers were concerned about whether they should designate or define laws governing the high seas, but never questioned if the clause should reach extraterritorially.
i]n fulfilling economic, social and cultural rights extraterritorially, States must: a) prioritize the realization of the rights of disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable groups; b) prioritize core obligations to realize minimum essential levels of economic, social and cultural rights, and move as expeditiously and effectively as possible towards the full realization of economic, social and cultural rights .
As Kenya was one of the first to try Somali pirates extraterritorially, it has seen many of the challenges played out in its courtrooms.
However, this is not a widely held position, and both the Human Rights Committee of the ICCPR and the European Court of Human Rights have concluded that norms can apply extraterritorially.
In an era of globalization, Congress's increasing attempts to exert its reach extraterritorially require courts to be able to engage in informed discussions regarding Congress's constitutional authority to criminalize citizens' overseas conduct.
environmental law against the Canadian company, which in turn raised the concern that the United States was attempting to apply its environmental regulation extraterritorially.
over a crime committed extraterritorially "as long as the harmful