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outside territorial limits or jurisdiction


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time, an exception to the tradition of extraterritoriality became
Unlike the states' experiments on out-of-state producers, their regulation of their own citizens' mores presents no extraterritoriality concerns worth worrying about.
This fact cannot be ignored because the presumption against extraterritoriality is, at its root, an assumption about how Congress is likely to think.
Justice Kennedy, viewed by all observers as the swing vote in Kiobel, had joined a majority opinion in Morrison that strengthened the presumption against extraterritoriality, requiring explicit statutory language to overcome the presumption.
Palmer used a species of presumption against extraterritoriality to
The Court Misapplied the Extraterritoriality Principle and Failed to Recognize Congress's Intent Under the Clean Air Act Exemption
Extraterritorial rules and territorially limited rules require courts to do little to determine territorial scope, as they contain a clear statement of either extraterritoriality or nonextraterritoriality.
as a specially designated national (SDN) is another factor in the development of extraterritoriality.
While in such cases both the patient's home and destination countries have decided to ban the practice, medical tourism raises a set of questions about extraterritoriality and the coordination of domestic and foreign regimes of criminal law.
It has been argued that due to extraterritoriality this section of the CJPTA is "fragile from a constitutional point of view.
government knows that such extraterritoriality infuriates foreign states and threatens to undermine relations on many other matters.
The minister also sent an apology letter to the rest of foreign diplomats concerned by the violation of extraterritoriality of their missions.