extraterrestrial being

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a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere

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ETH] scientist from the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), who claims to have been in touch with extraterrestrial beings, has been reportedly discredited by a Croatian news team.
Campbell cites theories which purport that extraterrestrial beings, referred to as giants in the Bible (Gen.
Folk desperately want to believe in extraterrestrial beings.
Jock Mahoney has been lead to believe that extraterrestrial beings are visiting the canal zone and wreaking havoc with its citizens.
Clarke listed three wishes on his 90th birthday last December, that he would like to see evidence for extraterrestrial beings, the world turning for cleaner energy resources from oil and a lasting peace to his adopted home, Sri Lanka.
For centuries, people have reported encounters with extraterrestrial beings.
At sea with his father and a crew of Americans in a scruffy-looking but high-tech vessel, Matt has quite an adventure as he comes in contact with pirates and some authentic extraterrestrial beings.
But our ancestors looked up at extraterrestrial beings as Gods.
Despite the Raelians' insistence on extraterrestrial beings, it is we humans on Planet Earth who must learn to live with cloning in an ethical, compassionate and moral way.
For decades, people have been sending signals into space in hopes of making contact with extraterrestrial beings.
According to Margaret Fry, grandmother of nine and founder of the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists, extraterrestrial beings have had their bug-eyes on North East Wales for some time.
At the risk of disillusioning folks who like to believe in visible manifestations of extraterrestrial beings, I would dare to say that they're a literary fiction.
She examines the Nubian Islamic Hebrews who had a brief, two-year flirtation with Judaism and who have currently shifted their interests to extraterrestrial beings.
Given the subject matter, one could assume that depictions of languages and communication constitute the dominant feature of science fiction, especially in writings pertaining to contacts with extraterrestrial beings.
Further, they believe those extraterrestrial beings will visit us during our lifetimes.