extrasensory perception

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apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses

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The cerebellum is concerned with extrasensory perception and trance like hypnotic states.
I believe it's entirely possible the previous lead's extrasensory perception was working overtime and advised him to steer clear of the impending excitement.
Bill Weaver doesn't need extrasensory perception to see a vital future for the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Assn's new Environmental Stewardship Program.
Bair that his theories on alchemy, UFOs, and extrasensory perception sometimes verge on the psychotic.
Paranormal features include vivid senses, ability to have extrasensory perception, purported ability to be precognitive and the sensation of being out of one's body, an experience also known as an OBE.
Parapsychology studies three major areas of human experience: extrasensory perception (ESP), psychokinesis (PK) and postmortem existence.
B expected of her--the yearning, the extrasensory perception, and the sense of danger.
Another chapter takes up extrasensory perception, mediation, intercessory prayer, distant healing, miracles, and "coincidental synchronicity" with the authors observation that there really are no such things as "coincidence" with respect to our inner lives.
1998) told participants that they were participating in an experiment on extrasensory perception (ESP).
The course has proved so popular that the researchers have developed versions that exclusively focus on physics of superheroes, topics related to astronomy, and pseudoscientific themes such as ghosts, astrology, and extrasensory perception.
For a small fee, visitors get food, accommodation, a tarot card reading, psychic tests, extrasensory perception tests and a group seance.