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draw from specific cases for more general cases

gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating

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If a person is a natural extrapolator, for example, he/she should force him/herself to consider how a pattern analyst, goal analyst, counter-puncher, and intuitor would look at the situation.
In these cases, estimates were compiled using other information, such as extrapolators from annual surveys.
Annual I-O and annual NIPA estimates are "best-change," since they are estimated using extrapolators that are considered the most reliable estimates of year-to-year growth.
For the lines that reported net premiums and net losses from the reciprocal companies only for 1972, the extrapolator is the 1-year ratio of the total premiums (losses) to the sum of the premiums (losses) from the stock and mutual companies.
The extrapolator is based on the assumption that direct premiums earned (direct losses incurred) grew at the same annual rate as net premiums earned (net losses incurred) from 1930 to 1950.
As noted above, this is in great part due to the use of either input extrapolators or input-cost deflators in measuring output.
Development of improved measures of the 20 percent of GDP that is deflated using physical-input extrapolators and cost-based deflators.
The last benchmark revision of the NIPA's made some progress on these issues through the replacement of a labor-hours extrapolator with a transactions-based measure of banking output and with the treatment of purchases of computer software as investment, both of which contributed to a 0.
For State estimates for the first three quarters of 1999, the quarterly movements in the component NIPA series are used as extrapolators to derive national control totals.
Table F summarizes by major industry division the number of I-O industries and the number of industry extrapolators available for the 1996 estimates; table G shows the data sources for these estimates.
Annual I-O Industry Extrapolators and Commodity Extrapolators and Price Indexes, 1996
The new extrapolators that are described in the following paragraphs are used to prepare the current quarterly estimates--either the advance, preliminary, or final estimates--as soon as the data become available; until then, judgmental trends continue to be used.
The quarterly interpolator and extrapolator continues to be based on revenues from sec data, which do not include reinvested dividends.