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(mathematics) calculation of the value of a function outside the range of known values

an inference about the future (or about some hypothetical situation) based on known facts and observations

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For some, the main frustration was the limited ability of current toxicologic test batteries to assess subtle forms of toxicity that may occur at low doses; for others, the main source of frustration was the sense that extrapolations across dose and species leads to overly cautious standard setting.
We assessed the applicability domain of the DF models through characterizing the prediction confidence and domain extrapolation for predicting unknown chemicals.
Those data "suggest the need to reconsider the validity of the linear extrapolation," the researchers say.
Reliable extrapolation factors are necessary to protect the public from unnecessary exposures to known hazardous chemicals.
and based on published studies, empirical observations, extrapolation from related observations, and/or scientific theory.
The comparable effective dose in humans probably would be much lower than indicated by this extrapolation, since the rat has a very high metabolism.
To ensure in-depth characterization of HDMI source devices, the Infiniium oscilloscope software (N5399A) provides an industry-first integrated equalizer, as well as jitter-separation capabilities for accurate total-jitter extrapolation.
2) Cross-species extrapolation of integrative, quantitative models of the perturbed hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal or hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis following exposure to xenobiotics from rats to humans or a commonly used small fish toxicology model (e.
By extrapolation, Kormendy and Freeman argue that galaxies with too few stars to be seen at all have even higher densities of dark matter and may be the most populous.
All market forecasts are based on statistical forecasting techniques based on historic performance (linear extrapolation of the market size, based on the five-year historical growth).
The genome data will help understand responses to environmental toxicants and allow for more accurate extrapolation of experimental animal responses to human populations, Farland says.
Eventually, backwards extrapolation from the minimal gene set may lead close to the origin of life itself," Mushegian and Koonin write.
high-to low-dose extrapolation, animal-to-human extrapolation, extrapolation between ecologic receptor populations (e.
Examples of relevant disciplines for this PA include any aspect of human cancer prevention (modifiable risk factors, new animal models and extrapolation of these models to human cancer, genetic predisposition to cancer and detection of precursor lesions, chemoprevention trials in human populations, and behavioral research and behavioral intervention trials in cancer prevention), epidemiology (biochemical, genetic, and molecular), biostatistics, human cancer genetics, clinical oncology, human nutrition, behavioral and social sciences, health promotion, health services and health policy research, and medical decision analysis, survivorship, and quality of life as they relate to cancer.
The problem in this business always is extrapolation," says Butler.