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Synonyms for extrapolate

draw from specific cases for more general cases

gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating

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Instructional technology might provide insights about learning within specific environments, but the field has not extrapolated its findings beyond those limited settings.
And also, we give proof for the convergence of the Extrapolated Newton's method.
Their ball-like form is extrapolated by Itatani into a polygonal prison, which is itself then set loosely adrift in a circular field set into yet another polygonal shape and so on, until the human figure is wrapped within five or six layers of a kind of psychic disenfranchisement.
Data at 0 MPa for each temperature was extrapolated from the data using a 2nd degree polynomial.
If this data is extrapolated to the general public, it translates into Americans having almost 500 billion digital photos.
The researchers then extrapolated the results to what might occur under prolonged exposure to the lower ozone concentrations typical of many urban homes and offices.
It also offers twice the extrapolated lifetime at standard operating pressure and is at least three times more resistant to rapid crack propagation than is required.
The researchers extrapolated their risk estimates from a study that tracked all deaths in Hong Kong (where tobacco products were introduced 20 years earlier than in mainland China) for the year 1998.
If the county's 1977 spending level were extrapolated, the county government would be smaller, spending about $12 billion, more than enough to open the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, help the parks and libraries and have money left over, the report said.
Here, for example, having suffered reproduction on beer-mats, tea-towels, aprons, key-rings and toilet seat covers, Van Gogh's Sunflowers is execrably extrapolated into three dimensions in the form of a pair of automatic gates.
Furthermore, the development team at Kleiber has unique design expertise that can be extrapolated to other group products.
Using a statistical technique, Bowen's group extrapolated their chronology to several dozen fossil-rich sites in China and Mongolia.
Traditionally data have come from tests done on animals in which the results are then extrapolated to humans.
This strategic undulation has been extrapolated to become the building's main theme.